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« en: 05 de Octubre de 2015, 14:33:20 pm »
KIOWEY  is professional slip ring manufacturer with more than 10years experiences,owning R&D center,factory and office both in China and USA. Main products: through hole slip ring,capsule slip ring,Ethernet slip rings and so on.

Barlin Times Technology Co.,LTD. Is Committed To Supplying High Quality Items At Affordable Costs And On Time
Industries operating in the fields of military equipment, industrial control systems, medical machines, communication equipment, security equipment, display equipment, etc. may need high-quality slip rings. Their task of finding a good slip ring supplier has now become easy because the good news is that Barlin Times Technology Co.,LTD, a China-based company, is designing, manufacturing and selling these items.
The company says that they, being the leaders in this field, offer precise and personalized solutions to businesses that may need custom slip rings that may appropriately handle their challenging environments.
Since the establishment of their company at Shenzhen city, China, they have been receiving acclaim from hundreds of local as well as international customers from Europe, USA, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and many other countries. In fact, since their customers are fully satisfied with their products as well as services, they travel the extra mile for maintaining excellent and friendly relationship with them, says Barlintimes.
They have a global vision and far-sightedness and so, they have put in place a strong R&D team. They also have a cream of professional slip ring research specialists and an experienced engineering and technical management group. They have procured advanced production and testing equipment and are strictly following the ISO9001 system operation. Thanks to these efforts, they could obtain the international Ce, RoHs and other patent certifications. They continuously strive to improve their products in order to retain their re*****tion of a quality slip ring supplier that makes these products available at affordable costs and on time. In short, they follow the business principle of "high-efficiency service with a smile."
About Barlin Times Technology Co.,LTD.
Barlin Times Technology Co.,LTD. designs, manufactures and sells slip rings that are used in challenging environments in various industries in fields like military equipment, industrial control systems, medical machines, communication equipment, security equipment, display equipment, etc. They are highly committed to supplying high-quality items at affordable costs and on time. That is why their local and international customers want to maintain excellent relationship with them.
For Media Contact:
Barlin Times Technology Co.,LTD.,
Address: 401Rm, Huajian Industry Building, Baogang North Rd, Luohu Dist, Shenzhen, 518000, China.
Contact Number: +86 755 2871 4687
For more information on this press release visit:

Generally speaking, the contact materials for standard capsule slip ring and through hole slip ring is gold to gold or silver to silver contacting. But sometimes supplier will change materials if end user has a special technical demand for slip ring. If you want to understand more details, a reliable slip ring supplier could help you to solve problem. I recommend a reliable Chinese supplier to Have a nice time.

Luohu, Shenzhen -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2015 -- Slip rings are very important for any equipment that needs to freely rotate for 360°. At, these are available in different shapes and styles to meet the requirements of a number of industries. From medical to security and military, there are many usages of these products and Barlin Times is considered to be one of the better known names in the same.
Apart from the products on display, they also undertake customized orders. They are said to have specialist designers who understand the needs of individual clients and manufacture ones that meet all the checks. With the help of advanced technology and a strong engineering team, the Company has even earned patent certifications for their merchandise.
Bar rings have to be accurate in design and be able to fit into the equipment they are meant for. Since these facilitate rotation, care should be taken to choose the right kind. In case of any doubts, interested customers can contact their team at the information provided below and get the same cleared. Their customer service team has been given positive reviews from several of their patrons.
The website says, "Though these slip rings appear small in size, their importance is paramount in a number of high level equipment. These need to be of high quality and we ensure that they are perfect in every way. Some of the products such as Capsule Slip Ring, Liquid or GA S Slip Ring, Mercury Slip Ring, Carbon Brush Slip Ring, etc. have been shipped to several European and American countries as well. The prices of our products are also kept competitive at all times."
To obtain more information about the products, visit
The website claims that they guarantee on time delivery and there is no pilferage when it comes to packaging. They have an online contact system which is convenient for those who wish to know more about their merchandise. A hotline is also available for faster resolution of issues. With a decade's experience behind them, Barlin Times can be considered for such products.
Media Contact:
Barlin Times Technology Co., Ltd
Address: 401Rm, Huajian Industry Building
Baogang North Rd,
Luohu Dist, Shenzhen – 518000, China
Contact Number +86 755 2871 4787
For more information on this press release visit:
Media Relations Contact
+86 755 2871 4787
Email: Click to Email Barbara

Sistemas Operativos / How higher working speed the slip ring could bear
« en: 20 de Septiembre de 2015, 09:45:14 am »
Hi friend, how higher working speed the slip ring could pass, this should depend on your technical demand. For example, size, circuits, current, working hours and so on. Higher working speed slip ring, the supplier should use different materials to meet this special demand. So far I heard that, the mercury slip ring for Barlin Times can pass very high work speed ( Above 3000rpm ) with compact design and maintenance free. So you need to provide your exact technical demand to them, this will help supplier provide the most suitable solution to you. Good luck to you.

Presentaciones / Who can tell me the function of slip ring
« en: 20 de Septiembre de 2015, 09:44:35 am »
Nowadays, slip rings are used in many different applications widely in this modern industry automation process, which solves various signal and current transmission between rotating part and fixed part of mechanical joint.Slip Ring is made of brush wire and brush supporter mainly, which could provide to transmit signal and power device under any rotation condition between fixed part and rotating part for various equipment. The ring of slip ring can also be named rotor that consists of multi conduction circuits via mutual insulation. Totally speaking, slip ring just like a rotating connector, which can have different design, size and structure. Try to contact a professional slip ring supplier to know more details, have a wonderful

Exposición de Diseños / Slip ring in the area of high-speed ball
« en: 10 de Septiembre de 2015, 10:16:24 am »
High-speed ball slip ring, data can be transferred from one device to the current signal of mechanical and electronic components fixed rotation means, different current and voltage may be mixed, the flexibility to meet the safety requirements of high-speed ball.
High-speed ball slip ring series common shape: Subject diameter; 22 mm, solid, round, and the overall structure of the speed range: 0-250 Rated current: 10 power or signal current: Rated voltage 240 V to 380 V AC / DC Working temperature: 80 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ Protection class: Maximum torque ip51: 1 g / m Compressive strength: Road adjacent insulation resistance 800 V @ 50 Hz: adjacent Ω @ 1000 米 500 V dc resistance fluctuation: 50 m Ω Working life: more than 60 million transfer (depending on the operating environment, speed) Export: double wire Specifications: awg30 Teflon, silver, A.: UL Wire color: black, red, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple , gray, white, brown, pink, transparent,: 12 colors variations circular flange series: can, can not, big, small, shape, can be anywhere. Length: 13.5 mm, 17.7 mm, 39 mm of access numbers: 6,12,40 Road coat Material: Length of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, surface colors to choose black or white lines may be of any length, can distort or complex ground terminal specifications: can meet a variety of terminal complex special order: abnormal, high current, high degree of protection, plug connections, gears, pulleys, speed cameras, PTZ, Accuracy Test is a typical application of robot manipulator, medical smart appliances lighting display located.

JavaScript / The Introduction of Mercury Slip Ring And Non-mercury Slip Ring
« en: 17 de Agosto de 2015, 18:58:06 pm »

Mercury slip ring also could be called mercury conductive rotary connector or mercury conductive slip ring. Shortly speaking, mercury rotary joint is a kind of industrial parts which use fluid medium to transmit signal or power. The biggest difference compared with traditional carbon brush slip ring is that it is mainly for liquid silver conductive medium, also the rotating part and fixed part combined together. Under the operation, it do not need to use carbon brush for conductive transmission, but directly use mercury to transfer power. At the another hand, there is a slip ring called non-mercury rotary joint, which uses a special gallium alloy liquid metal to pass power without mercury. This non-mercury type slip ring can meet the demand who require ROHS certification in some specific equipment. That is why, Barlin Times launched this new non-mercury slip ring into market soon after around one year hard working by technical engineers. Both of these rotary connector has the main feature of strong stability, high precious signal and very low noise. Meanwhile, compared with the traditional mechanical slip rings, both rotary connector are smaller size, easier installation and free maintenance, etc.
High work speed & big current
Less than 1mΩ contact resistance, no noise
Compact structure, easy installation and smooth operation
Free maintenance and more durable than traditional slip ring
Apply to any rotating device to transmit various signal and power
Non-mercury slip ring is optional ( Conform to CE, RoHs certification )
Stainless steel and aluminum alloy housing is optional
Contact pin and lead wire installation is optional
Rotating table, rotating camera and rotary lamp box
Cable wheel, winding machine
Resistors cutting machine
Robot arm
Wind turbine generator
Medical equipment, spinning LED sign board
Manufacturing and handling control machine
Notice for using non-mercury slip ring:
The minimum temperature for liquid metal 46L
Soild temperateure: +7.6℃
There is a “super cool” effect, when a slip ring contain liquid metal 46L, put in the room temperature 0℃, the liquid metal will not be solid immediately, there will have a 2-4 days range the liquid metal 46L will keep in liquid status, just like the river water still run in the 0℃.
The liquid metal slip rings are recommended to be used within 3 months after shipping. If the slip ring has rotation not smooth condition after 3 months storage in the room temperature +8℃, please put it in the warm room ( over 50℃) to recover the liquid metal status.
The liquid metal is not so sticky like mercury which can be sticky (touched) on the silver plated conductor surface. The liquid metal slip rings’ vibration resistance ability is much less than mercury types. Any light vibration, impact, shock will make the liquid metal to move out from the main conductor chamber to another conductor’s room. That will make short circuit easily.
Just feel free to contact with Barlin Times to get more details that you required, the sales engineer could provide you the best service in time.
 If you have such requirement for small diameter through hole slip ring, please just feel free to contact with .

Exposición de Diseños / Engineering Machinery Slip Ring
« en: 01 de Julio de 2015, 17:39:05 pm »

Engineering machinery slip ring only refers to one of the general application range. In this broad field, engineering machinery industry could also include digger, crane, ship machinery, fire truck, overhead working truck and so on, which all of them can use slip ring into the device. For example, the slip ring in the crane equipment is mainly installed on the rotary center that used for transmitting power and signal combination. At the same time, this kind of slip ring type normally work in dust and bare environment with big size and current, so slip ring should bear high shock resistance and low temperature resistance to ensure reliable performance and longer working life time.
The main features for engineering machinery slip ring as below:
1. Compact design and easy installation
2. Reliable performance with longer life time
3. IP65 protection degree to adopt in dust and bare environment
4. Precious metal contact materials to make sure better signal and low transmission loss
5. High shock and low temperature resistance structure solution
6. Customization as per your special dimension for the encoder
7. The power could be up to 800A, signals and power combination
8. Two years free maintenance
Barlintimes has already o*****d mould for engineering machinery slip ring and produced bulk quantity with shorter delivery time. Please kindly advise us your detail technical requirements, our sales engineer should recommend the best suitable solution for you without delay.
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Exposición de Diseños / The Merits and Demerits of Mercury Slip Ring
« en: 01 de Julio de 2015, 17:38:20 pm »

With the extensive promotion increasingly for slip ring applications , the demand for slip ring has also been added in different applications a great deal, which has more strict standard for technical requirements. Slip ring is made of brush and rotor mainly, it could transmit signal and power device between fixed part and rotating part under any rotation status for various of equipment.
No doubt, mercury slip ring, just take advantage of mercury as a conduction media for slip ring assembly. Mercury is the only one liquid metal could work under normal temperature status, this design creation can come true because of its feature and metal conduction. Mercury slip ring just seal mercury in the inside of slip ring, which combines with fixed part and rotating part together and use mercury to transmit current/signal without noise and high precision or reliability while operating. Therefore, the structure of mercury slip ring is not complicated compared other types of mechanical slip rings. From the dimension, its size is smaller a lot than mechanical one, this is one of the biggest advantage. The rotation of mercury slip ring is mainly for the friction among inside mercury molecules and sealed parts. So mercury slip ring has the main feature of lesser wearings, longer life time, higher working speed and maintenance free.
However, mercury slip rings also has some disadvantages, due to the big thermal expansion coefficient of mercury, then it can not operate in the high temperature. Normally, the temperature could not exceed 60 centigrade. Secondly, the cost is expensive because of high precision and mechanical sealed structure. On the other hand, mercury slip ring has strict demand for working environment and shock condition, otherwise, it must affect the life time greatly.
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Hardware o Software / Explosion Proof Slip Ring
« en: 01 de Julio de 2015, 17:37:50 pm »
With the development of science and technology, the demand of industry applications are becoming more and more sophisticated. And many of slip ring type need to have explosion-proof certification, so explosion-proof slip ring has been existed. As for explosion-proof slip ring, which is the slip ring with explosion-proof certification. This type of slip ring is specially used in explosive environment that require such high reliable and high protection degree conductive slip rings. This kind of design could make sure to control hidden danger of explosion and not produce the feature of explosion or not pass explosion under harsh explosive environment.
Explosion-proof slip ring is also know as anti-explosion conductive slip ring, anti-explosion collector, collecting ring or flame proof slip rings etc.
Due to different requests for explosion-proof slip ring degree, it is still in the stage of non-standard at present. When customer make a choice and require such design and structure, you should provide some main technical information to supplier so that they can recommend the best suitable product to you, say the degree of explosion-proof, circuits, working speed, electrical performance and so on.
The explosion-proof slip ring that produced by Barlin Time will have below basic features:
1. The highest working temperature which could be up to the highest T6 group in the slip ring field.
2. Satisfy with explosive gas and explosive dust environment at the same time.
3. Protection degree can be reached to IP66.
4. Fully comply with relevant national standards and should get the explosion-proof certification issued by powerful authority.
5. Reliable safety performance under compact structure design and high work speed.
6. Higher working temperature which is suitable for -30℃-60℃ environment.
Explosion-proof slip ring has been widely used in robotics, oil and military applications.
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(POO) Programación Orientada a Objetos / Electrical slip ring resistors
« en: 28 de Junio de 2015, 09:05:27 am »
Between fixed and energy sliding or rolling contact with the conductive member used, electrostatic coupling and electromagnetic coupling, rotating antenna mounting assembly and signal conversion. Rotation driving element, measuring element and control element, they must send a control signal from a power room. Slip ring assembly and energy transfer signal. Some radar need to 100 cable. Slip ring assembly according to the signal level of the transmission frequency is divided into: low-frequency slip ring, intermediate frequency and high-frequency slip ring rotating hinge. Slip rings are usually limited to the first two. Electrical slip ring assembly: insulation resistance and contact resistance, dielectric strength and crosstalk. If the slip ring, the block due to the higher frequency, impedance matching, noise voltage. First, to ensure reliable contact structure designed to ensure that all the lines. Therefore, there is a brush material is required to have good electrical conductivity, pressure may be appropriate slip ring, a small amount of eccentricity and vibration slip ring, wear resistance, low friction torque, easy to maintain.
Slip ring, slip ring two. Cylindrical slip ring conductive loop into flat ring and ring. Conductive ring typically copper, brass material, silver and gold. Brush palladium, gold or gold-plated copper wire brush, artificial graphite brushes. If a large number of slip rings, brushes, and about two differential webs schematic slide (FIG. 1 slip ring), but a larger axial dimension, the slip ring can significantly reduce the axial dimension, to reduce the volume and weight. Two brushes and slip ring adapter plate assembly. Antenna azimuth rotating brush, the brush is fixed, the two sets of the differential gear in contact with a wiring board, corresponding contact pads of 1/2 in the direction of the rotational speed difference used. Yarn, current flows into each brush station was contacted circuits on a chip, or two corresponding process to ensure that connecting the fixed portion and the rotating portion of the total circuit between the brush. Can cause a short circuit between the sliding contact ring wear pink. Therefore, the structure should ensure easy to clean, usually modular structure, so that repair or replacement of parts.
Higher frequency slip ring, and we need the block. 12 MHz transmission signal can also be used normally decline rings. In the command center, connecting the cable shield ring, if the slip ring (Figure 2). Transmission signal exceeds 12 MHz, commonly used in coaxial rings. Slip ring is a cross-sectional geometry, substantially rectangular conductors. If there is a capacitive slip ring (Figure 3 capacitor if the slip ring), the center conductor is circular, blocks and insulating holder, rotating between the part and the fixed part is a gap, not touching the intermediate frequency signal through capacitive coupling. Antenna rotation within a limited range, you can not slip ring, and with the cable winding device.
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Información / The operating principle and internal structure for slip ring
« en: 28 de Junio de 2015, 09:04:49 am »

If you want to understand the working principle and internal structure of slip ring, what do you need to know firstly? As we all know that, slipring also could be called conductive slip ring, collector ring, rotary joint, rotating electrical connector, industry slip ring, brush block, commutator, adapter and so on. All of these above are special rotating connector and electrical component which specially transfer power and signal for many rotating devices.
The slip ring itself actually does not have the rotating function. Slip rings consist of two parts, one is for rotor that could connect the rotating structure in the equipment, another one is for stator which can connect the fix structure in the device. The design structure of rotor and stator are precise overlay of single channel, the circuits for overlay could be customized according to exact technical requirements. During assembling, slip ring supplier can make the circuit of stator side to be one-to-one correspondence with rotor side, which could be formed circuits between rotor and stator. In such case, the electrical performance for each channel can be independent and mutual noninterference.
However, the circuit formation between stator and rotor should contact each other. Their contact is the functional location and the carrier of various performance of the total slip ring. Therefore, the contacting materials, suitable design and structure, precise technology all should be the significant factors for superior quality slip ring. Through the both end lead wires of slip ring, it can transmit all kinds of signals as needed under rotating condition.
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The normal failures of brush in the operation could be heating, spark, serious loss of electrical brush and collector. From the overheating fault causes, it basically has below aspects:
1. Poor ventilation condition: the main problem is for cooling air duct blockage, ventilation groove and vent plug blockage or the reduction of circulation fan air volume on the surface of collector. Especially, when the surface of slip ring has high temperature under operation, which will lead to brush wearing and powdered carbon accumulation increasingly, then may block heating channels of slip ring surface. Therefore, when supplier do repairing works, they should make cleaning for the ventilation groove or hole and cooling air duct ventilation groove on the surface of slip ring to maintain patency. For the turning slip ring for several times, if the ventilation groove height on the surface of slip ring is less than 5mm and has been turning to the radial limited hole which should be carried out the specification in according to the minimum use of outer diameter to change to make sure reliable heating performance of slip ring.
2. Bigger contact resistance or uneven distribution: slip ring and brush both are through mutual sliding contact to pass conduction current. With different capacity and models, there will be distributed around ten pcs brushs on the slip ring, and also with different contact resistance and current which can lead to uneven heating.
Slip ring brush, as we all know, which consist of slip ring and brush two parts. Actually, we called it conductive slip ring, collector or sliprings. Generally, slip ring applied to 360 degree rotation application that need to transmit current and signal. With the development of the industry, slip ring brush enjoys wider application which is currently used in high speed camera, electrical test equipment, rotating table, robotics, medical machine, wind turbine generator, packing machine etc.
The slip ring produced and researched & developed by Barlin Times has high re*****tion in this field and get high praise from our customers at home and abroad.
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Security refers to “safety protection”, which in order to protect own safety by adopting protective measures. Then security engineering is to realize the whole process of safety protection, security product is in the service of security engineering equipment. The electrical slip ring must be the necessary rotary component in the CCTV industry.
From the field of security products, CCTV application has started to develop in the direction of diversification, for example, education, telecommunication, oil, water conservancy, factory buildings, large public place, shopping malls, construction, latest community and so on. More and more new demands needed in these industries.
Because of wide monitoring range, high speed operation, accurate positioning and fast response features, high speed camera has been gradually received great welcome from customers. Every high speed camera supplier, as long as they can see the various functions of performance, convenience, reliability and other details to carry out the way, then they only can show the powerful competitiveness. Surely, the performance of component could be the key factor to decide the superior quality product.
Barlin Times ( ) has been in keeping improving and continuous innovation spirit, we always insist to do every detail point and try our best to meet the technical demand of each customer. At the same time, Barlin Times would like to contributes to CCTV industry and make contribution to our peaceful society.
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