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Electrical slip ring resistors
« en: 28 de Junio de 2015, 09:05:27 am »
Between fixed and energy sliding or rolling contact with the conductive member used, electrostatic coupling and electromagnetic coupling, rotating antenna mounting assembly and signal conversion. Rotation driving element, measuring element and control element, they must send a control signal from a power room. Slip ring assembly and energy transfer signal. Some radar need to 100 cable. Slip ring assembly according to the signal level of the transmission frequency is divided into: low-frequency slip ring, intermediate frequency and high-frequency slip ring rotating hinge. Slip rings are usually limited to the first two. Electrical slip ring assembly: insulation resistance and contact resistance, dielectric strength and crosstalk. If the slip ring, the block due to the higher frequency, impedance matching, noise voltage. First, to ensure reliable contact structure designed to ensure that all the lines. Therefore, there is a brush material is required to have good electrical conductivity, pressure may be appropriate slip ring, a small amount of eccentricity and vibration slip ring, wear resistance, low friction torque, easy to maintain.
Slip ring, slip ring two. Cylindrical slip ring conductive loop into flat ring and ring. Conductive ring typically copper, brass material, silver and gold. Brush palladium, gold or gold-plated copper wire brush, artificial graphite brushes. If a large number of slip rings, brushes, and about two differential webs schematic slide (FIG. 1 slip ring), but a larger axial dimension, the slip ring can significantly reduce the axial dimension, to reduce the volume and weight. Two brushes and slip ring adapter plate assembly. Antenna azimuth rotating brush, the brush is fixed, the two sets of the differential gear in contact with a wiring board, corresponding contact pads of 1/2 in the direction of the rotational speed difference used. Yarn, current flows into each brush station was contacted circuits on a chip, or two corresponding process to ensure that connecting the fixed portion and the rotating portion of the total circuit between the brush. Can cause a short circuit between the sliding contact ring wear pink. Therefore, the structure should ensure easy to clean, usually modular structure, so that repair or replacement of parts.
Higher frequency slip ring, and we need the block. 12 MHz transmission signal can also be used normally decline rings. In the command center, connecting the cable shield ring, if the slip ring (Figure 2). Transmission signal exceeds 12 MHz, commonly used in coaxial rings. Slip ring is a cross-sectional geometry, substantially rectangular conductors. If there is a capacitive slip ring (Figure 3 capacitor if the slip ring), the center conductor is circular, blocks and insulating holder, rotating between the part and the fixed part is a gap, not touching the intermediate frequency signal through capacitive coupling. Antenna rotation within a limited range, you can not slip ring, and with the cable winding device.
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Electrical slip ring resistors
« en: 28 de Junio de 2015, 09:05:27 am »