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The common failure cause and solutions for brush and slip ring
« en: 28 de Junio de 2015, 09:04:36 am »

The normal failures of brush in the operation could be heating, spark, serious loss of electrical brush and collector. From the overheating fault causes, it basically has below aspects:
1. Poor ventilation condition: the main problem is for cooling air duct blockage, ventilation groove and vent plug blockage or the reduction of circulation fan air volume on the surface of collector. Especially, when the surface of slip ring has high temperature under operation, which will lead to brush wearing and powdered carbon accumulation increasingly, then may block heating channels of slip ring surface. Therefore, when supplier do repairing works, they should make cleaning for the ventilation groove or hole and cooling air duct ventilation groove on the surface of slip ring to maintain patency. For the turning slip ring for several times, if the ventilation groove height on the surface of slip ring is less than 5mm and has been turning to the radial limited hole which should be carried out the specification in according to the minimum use of outer diameter to change to make sure reliable heating performance of slip ring.
2. Bigger contact resistance or uneven distribution: slip ring and brush both are through mutual sliding contact to pass conduction current. With different capacity and models, there will be distributed around ten pcs brushs on the slip ring, and also with different contact resistance and current which can lead to uneven heating.
Slip ring brush, as we all know, which consist of slip ring and brush two parts. Actually, we called it conductive slip ring, collector or sliprings. Generally, slip ring applied to 360 degree rotation application that need to transmit current and signal. With the development of the industry, slip ring brush enjoys wider application which is currently used in high speed camera, electrical test equipment, rotating table, robotics, medical machine, wind turbine generator, packing machine etc.
The slip ring produced and researched & developed by Barlin Times has high re*****tion in this field and get high praise from our customers at home and abroad.
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The common failure cause and solutions for brush and slip ring
« en: 28 de Junio de 2015, 09:04:36 am »